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    Created by Super User with Created: Friday, 15 August 2014


    8 secrets on Mac OS X you might don't know

    Mac devices, especially the Macbook Category is more well-know steadily. However, OS X system is still new with many mac users due to the manipulation somewhat different from Window. In the range of this writing, I would mention 8 hidden features, 8 secrets that you should know on Mac OS X.

     1, Hide the Dock

    To make the Dock hidden, mac users normally have access system preferences and modify some settings. However, you could take a shortcut by press compound of Command + Option + D, the Dock will be hidden immediately and recalled if you redo the same manipulation.

    2, Change the screen colour into negative colour

    On OS X Lion or older version, consumer who faces visual hassles can use the compound of Command + Option + Control +8 to change the screen colour. As for newer OS X, this option still exists but is enabled through Accessibility in System Preferences.

    3, Customise screen capture

    Instead of take the whole screen picture by using Command + Shift + 3, Mac user can use Command + Shift + 4 to take the picture of a particular screen area. Moreover, we can take a picture of particular app by use additional Space button.

    4, Manager multiple tasks

    When you are manipulating to switch opening apps by using Command + Tab, you could press additionally Q to quite this app or H to shrink it down to the Dock.

    - Using Tab is more effective by make some modifies:

    Sometimes, pressing Tab to switch to another frame when filling into form on registration site help to reduce time much. However, OS X default system ignores dropdown menu. To solve this problem, mac users just access system preferences, choose Keyboard, take Shortcuts and stick on All Controls.

    5, Quick calculation function with Spotlight search bar

    As you know, Spotlight is the quick search bar integrated on current lines of Macbook. To enable Spotlight, mac users can hit the search symbol at the top-right conner on top menu or press Command + Space. But there is a function that not many people know. Spotlight can use to settle down quickly calculations.

    6, Create a quick path for document files

    When making some small manipulations to edit documents such as Word, Pages or PowerPoint, one small symbol will appear on the left side of it. Holding and dropping this symbol into another area will make alias to the file for subsequent modifications.

    6, Group files in to new folder

    Instead of right mouse click and creation of new folder, OS X allows mac user to group files quickly by just only right mouse menu. After choosing desired files, hit right mouse and choose "New Folder with Selection" to quickly create a new folder for only these files.

    7, Experience Mac at too slow speed

    OS X is alway rated at high level of operating speed. However, users can use Shift when open apps, shrink window,... to experience "Slow Motion" effect pretty funny. 

    8, How to Crop images on OS X with integral Preview (default)

    Cropping images on Mac OS X is very common demand of mac users. Instead of seeking external apps to do this task, why don't you utilise one available function of OS X system?

    - Step 1: open desired image by right-mouse --> open with --> preview

    - Step 2: Hit the “Editor Toolbar” button on the right side of the general image toolbar and looks like a little pencil

    - Step 3: Select “Rectangular Selection” function:

    - Step 4: Move, modify the size of the frame through the area you want to crop

    - Step 5: click on Crop button to capture your desired image.


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