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    0 #2 Ethan 2017-05-07 09:58
    I downloaded it and its been 3 hours and it just went over 1.54gb so I don't know how big the file really is but its taking forever
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    +1 #1 Isam Muderis 2017-01-09 21:05
    Call of duty has developed really well and don't want to know who wouldn't want this :-) I have tried so getting this game but failed so many time I wish this app works cuz call of duty is one of my best games sjdfhksaldhfjkh iofhsduhfiu fhuifhkjsdflskj h ufjehsufhpoufhs djk;fhiurehfjks dafhbirufhsjkdf huiwfhjsdkfhueh ;qweiufhqwruiwh fuehruiwhuhrque wrhweurhweyrewy riwuiryueryweur yeuryoirywueryw eyruiryewuiryiw ueryewiqruyqwru iqwruywyrwquryw iqryweqryeqwuir yqwuryuqwyeiryw ruyweuryeuryqwu ryqwuereqwryuqu werywqerywqrywq iuryqwuirywqiue rywquieryuqweiy r :D
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