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    Created by Super User with Created: Saturday, 26 July 2014


    Our terms of service

    eShareload is just like a personal blog where we are working in teams, sharing a collection of paid & registered Apps and Softwares for Mac OS X. Please comprehend deeply some features before you decide to use our service.

    Safety guaranteed

    As we mentioned, we are working in team and guarantee no virus, no commercials or whatever else associated with the apps. Other-words, we will be liable for any damages implicated to us if you could prove of that.

    For security reasons

    Paypal Inc handle your payment, we therefore are not able to either have or record any your important information. However, whenever you register or subscribe for an account on our store, You shouldn't use the same password as any your secured regular passwords. Just choose a simply one such as "iloveyou" or even "123456". That protects your self from unexpected troubles.

    Refund policies

    Different refund policies are imposed on Subscribing members and the visitors who commit one time payment for instant download.

    Get money back once our promises don't meet your satisfaction.

    • One time payment for instant download

    We accept immediate refund for any reasons without "the app does not work". It sounds weird seriously, but please be aware of that we provide thousand of Apps. Most of them works well, some don't. If the app does not work, there are many reasons you could find out here to solve the problems. In the case that the apps does not work them self, please understand that we try our best to maintain operating & updating more apps daily.

    We would fairly recommend being a subscribing member to have the right to download directly all apps available in our collection for free.

    Please feel free to get in touch with us since we are always available for assistance.


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