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    Created by Super User with Created: Friday, 08 August 2014


    Top 5 best App to watch, download, convert youtube video for Mac OS

    YouTube has become an indispensable entertainment site for people to view and share video clips on portable devices such as phones, tablets. So how to download video from youtube to share and watch on your device? Here are 5 common applications and most powerful service for viewing, downloading and converting for Mac OS X.

    1, YouTube Song Downloader 2014

    With Youtube song downloader 2014, you easily download songs or movies favourite from youtube server under MP3 or Video file (MP4, FLV, AVI,...) legally. Mac users just simply type the songs and movies name, Youtube song downloader will all the rest.

    Download YouTube Song Downloader 2014 full free for Mac (keygen and serials)


    2, YouTubeHunter

    YoutubeHunter, this really useful app help mac users download videos from not only youtube but also many other video sharing websites such as Vimeo, DailyMotion,... One good point is that it comprises of tools that automatically convert downloaded video into other type of video (MP3, MP4, AVI,..)

    Download YouTubeHunter full free (crack with keygen and serials)

    3, Downie

    This also is one app that download videos powerfully from youtube and more than 100 other common video sites in the world. You could try and assess it.

    Download Downie for Mac with keygen:

    4, Tuba for YouTube

    Tube for YouTube is a stable app helps you watch Youtube on your Mac. It simply create another window of browser to connect to youtube server by using API of google Network to download or stream directly videos to you.

    Download Tuba for YouTube for Mac full free:

    5, Enolsoft YouTube Converter HD

    - This application help you convert and download HD videos from youtube server very quickly into common type of video: MP4, WMV, MKV, AVI,.... It also download 720p and 1080p HD movies and convert into MP4 HD as well as settle Youtube HTML5.

    - Transfer videos from youtube to your devices: Ipad, iPhone, iPod, kindle fire, nexus 7, surface, galaxy,... Furthermore, it convert Youtube HD Videos for iTunes or for editing in Final cut pro, iMovie 11,...

    Download Enolsoft YouTube Converter HD full free with keygen


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