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    Created by Super User with Created: Sunday, 27 July 2014


    Top 5 best App uninstaller to delete apps for Mac OS X

    Using Mac OS X is likely more simple than Window at least in uninstalling and removing software and application processes. In Mac OS X, user just simply drop the app into the frame of uninstalling apps. The question is which one is the best application that install completely apps on Mac OS X System?

    In the range of this writing, I will brief the top 5 uninstalling apps for Mac OS X and also the link to download the full version for free.

    1, The number one app uninstaller should be AppZapper

    With this strong and quick app cleaner, AppZapper, you are able to actively uninstall virtually application easier than they way it had been installed before. Mac users just do very simple action - drag and drop. It will find all the links and information related to the software that you want to remove, and then only takes about 1/10 sec, AppZapper will throw all the trash.

    AppZapper full with serial download

    2, AppDelete

    This app uninstaller seems to be like AppZapper by the 2 way to delete any apps on Mac OS X. You can drag and drop an app into it, or in the second way, browse all installed apps and extensions to select which app has to go.

    Appdelete not only removed from the camera app removed but what related to the application you want to remove as Widgets, Preference Panes, Plugins and Screensavers. In addition there will be other options for you to compress files into one zip file for safekeeping or reinstall at another time. AppDelete also has some other features like quick search helps you to choose which files you want to delete, trash cleanup in forced mode.

    Appdelete full version download

    3, AppCleaner

    The uninstall applications with AppCleaner primarily be done through a drag and drop application icons like knocking on the Uninstall section of the App Cleaner. App Cleaner SmartDelete use technology to keep track of whether you manually delete the application or not. If so, Cleander App automatically cleans remaining leftovers.

    Download AppCleaner full free

    4, CleanMyMac - Management of Your Apps including deleting

    CleanMyMac is a simple application but extremely powerful, user support data cleaning, application, program or file and keep their Macs is safe. CleanMyMac two assists you in keeping track of all your apps. It helps you correctly and utterly uninstall unwanted Mac apps or those who are now not compatible with your Mac. It conjointly identifies leftovers of previously removed Mac apps.

    Download CleanMyMac 2.2.6 full free

    5, Mackeeper - Uninstall intelligent applications


    MacKeeper is an utility software for Mac OS X  to optimize and clean Mac OS X system. This app is really well-known, and in this review, I just mention it's Uninstall intelligent applications function: Smart Uninstaller completely removes applications, utilities, reference files and plugins. When you drag an application to trash, then the cache and log files remain on the hard drive. Smart Safe Uninstaller will remove all these items.

    Download Mackeeper 1.8 full free




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